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Homecare & Nursing

Through many years of expertise and direct patient interaction, we understand the special needs of people living with a rare disease. Difficult diagnosis, long trips to specialized clinics, complex dosing schemes, co-morbidities and therapy side effects can place a great burden on patients and their environment. 
Our broad network of qualified and experienced medical personnel strives to improve quality of life through holistic homecare support services. Our medical staff is thoroughly trained and works 
according to ISO:9001 quality- & safety standards. Our expertise allows us to deliver a range of complex therapies for numerous rare disease indications flexibly at the patient's home. 

UHP's goal is to achieve optimal therapy adherence & persistence to increase chances of a positive therapy outcome.

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360° Patient Care

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive support possible for patients that goes well beyond administering the medication. With our strong network of specialized medical personnel we can provide the following key services (among others):

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Quality Control

  • Cold-chain transport of the medication to the patient's home and/or the clinic.

  • Detailed protocols of visit information for the physician

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All Inclusive

  • Provision of the required auxiliary items

  • Side effect management

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Patient Education

  • Training on self-application of medication

  • Phone based support



  • Detailed protocols of visit information for the physician

  • Monitoring of patient scorings (QoL, indication-specific scores)

  • Pharmacovigilance & Patient Safety

Along the entire value-chain, our goal is to provide individualized support tailored to the patient's needs.



UHP achieves more than 96% therapy compliance across all support programs.



100% flexible treatment plans for maximum therapy compliance  - at home, at work or on vacation.

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QUality of LIFe

98% of UHP's patients report an improvement in life quality through our service offering.



We leverage our expertise to help our partners design a tailor-made program for the best possible patient support.

360° Patient Care

The UHP team works closely with the treating physicians and centers to provide a seamless homecare experience for doctors and patients.

Physicians are provided with detailed information on every homecare visit for full transparency on the patient status. Patients stay connected to their treating center, even if they are treated in a homecare setting. UHP has automated reminders in place, to ensure regular check-ups are attended in the clinic.

UHP serves as sparring partner for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the rare disease space and is in regular exchange with the leading specialists across a number of rare diseases.

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