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Global Supply Chain Services

Securing access to the required therapy can be challenging. Especially in the field of rare diseases, treatment possibilities are limited and the approval of new medicines are heavily anticipated.

Unlike the United States, the regulatory frameworks are highly hetergenous and access and reimbursement of innovative medicines might be restricted. As a consequence, new therapies might not be widely available even after regulatory approval.

Choosing a professional, experienced supply chain partner is of the utmost importance to ensure sensitive pharmaceutical products arrive at the right place at the right time.

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Introducing UPP

United Pharma Partners, or UPP, is the specialized Supply Chain & Logistics unit within the United Healthcare Partners Group. 

See how UPP's Logistic Experts support our nurse team by clicking on the video!

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24/7 Monitoring

From -80°C to ambient temperature, our end-to-end cool-chain is seamlessly monitored 24/7 to ensure your product is always handled adequately and arrives safely at the patient, clinic or pharmacy.

Import & Re-distribution

With our GMP-certification, we are also prepared to import, re-package and distribute your product to all European markets.

All in one hand

In addition to the medicine, UPP can pre-assemble and supply all required auxiliary items for the therapy as well as supporting medication for each single visit, all in one hand.

Trust the Experts

As an expert for rare disease medication, we provide wholesale service for a steadily growing portfolio of more than 40 specialized rare disease drugs. Through our extensive support, we can ensure the patient gets his urgently needed medicine at the place & the right time – all in one place.



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